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Son-tector product description and photos



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SON-TECTOR and SON-CASTER are trade names of Ansonics, a division of Taos Techsonics, Inc.

Manufacturing ultrasonic detectors since 1963   |   Contact Us   
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Hand probe detects
ultrasonic leaks.

  arrow Prevent downtime by doing maintenance on your own schedule.
  arrow Save money. Avoid the hidden cost of leaks.
  arrow Test products before they go to market.
  arrow The Son-Tector ultrasonic detector is easier to use, more accurate, and far more reliable than soap bubbles or stethoscopes.

Ansonics, Inc. has been manufacturing the Son-tector ultrasonic maintenance tool since 1963.

We are sorry to announce that we are shutting our doors after 60 years in business.

Our tech will continue to do repairs as long as he is able. It is important that you contact me prior to shipping your unit to be sure our doors are still open. Once we stop repairs, no one will be monitoring package delivery and your unit may be lost.

Please not the shipping address change from 1307 to 1309A

If you need to reach a live person, please contact me at 541-738-4325 or

Jamie Sowers, Ansonics


The Sontector is a simple industrial maintenance tool used to inspect equipment to find leaks and mechanical malfunctions.

Many call it an instrument, a tester, a locator. Some call it non-destructive testing. We call it a detector. The word “ultrasonic” is the technical term for how it works. Learn more



  • SIMPLE TO USE– no complicated
    calibrations or unnecessary bells and
    whistles. Learn more
  • SENSIBLE DESIGN– backed by over 60 years experience.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION– rugged, reliable, dependable. Learn more


The uses are limited only by your imagination! Here are a few.

You can test for, find, locate, or detect:

  • Pressurized leakage in compressed
    air or gas, truck and trailer air brake systems, pipes and pipelines, high pressure steam systems and boilers, bottled gas, medical gas manifolds, helium, telephone cables, vacuum bags and chambers.
  • Pin hole leaks in containers, truck
    vans and trailers, HVAC, bulkheads, tanks, seals, gaskets (widely used in aircraft, marine, auto and truck manufacture and maintenance).
  • Defective, bad, or worn steam traps,
    steam valves, hydraulic valves, bearings, gears.
  • Corona discharge from faulty or damaged insulators or cable.

Contact probe locates
mechanical malfunctions.


Son-Caster generates
noise to help find
non- pressurized leaks.


Rubber sound concentrator
slips over end of hand probe
to pinpoint leak location.



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