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Son-tector product description and photos



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SON-TECTOR and SON-CASTER are trade names of Ansonics, a division of Taos Techsonics, Inc.

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Applications & Industries

Applications & IndustriesLearn More


The Son-Tector has applications in almost every industry.

A partial list:
Aerospace, Brewing, Building Maintenance, Chemicals, Composites,
Engineering, Federal Government, Fire Departments, Food Processing, Gas Industry, General Industry, HVAC, Hospitals and Medical, Mining, Municipalities, Pipeline and Oil, Plumbing, Research Labs, Schools and Colleges, Utilities-electric, oil, gas, and telephone, Transportation-auto, truck, bus, marine, rail, airlines.


Testing Steam Trap Operation – ARTICLE
Truck Fleet Maintenance – ARTICLE

Typical applications of Son-Tector equipment include:

Leak Location:

  • compressed air, gas, & natural gas plumbing
  • compressed air brakes & tires – ARTICLE
  • gaskets and seals
  • weatherstripping failure –Learn more
  • vacuum brake systems
  • vacuum seal leaks
  • industrial gas distribution
  • compressed air and gas systems
  • steam systems – traps and condensers –Learn more
  • high pressure steam
  • faults in boilers, watertight containers, tanks, and bulk heads
  • pipe joints
  • heating,ventilating, and air conditioning duct work
  • condenser tubes
  • vacuum condensers -Learn more
  • pressurized communications cable
  • container, tanks, bulkheads
  • pin hole

Mechanical Noise:

  • faulty gear mesh
  • bad ball and roller bearings
  • loose parts
  • excess clearances
  • drive trains
  • sharpness of high-speed automatic machine tools

Hydraulic Systems:

  • by-passing or sticking valves
  • by-passing cylinders
  • partially blocked ports
  • elevators and escalators –Learn more

Corona Discharge: Learn more

  • generator brush arching
  • substation corona discharge
  • transformer corona discharge
  • dirty or faulty insulators

Electrical Equipment:

  • faulty or arcing connections
  • switches
  • lightning arrestors
  • power supplies
  • motors
  • radio frequency interference
  • perform hipot lab tests on all sized components
  • perform HV equipment tests


  • diesel injector failure
  • large compressor valves
  • restrictions in piping systems
  • humidity control –Learn more
  • electrical systems –Learn more
  • hospitals and ethylene oxide –Learn more
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