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Son-tector product description and photos



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SON-TECTOR and SON-CASTER are trade names of Ansonics, a division of Taos Techsonics, Inc.

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Description & Prices


The Son-Tector is solid, dependable, easy to use, and backed by over 50 years of experience. It’s rugged housing and noise-excluding head phones are designed for industrial use. This tool easily locates leaks and mechanical malfunctions.

Son-Tector ultrasonic detector 123 package

Son-Tector ultrasonic detector 123 package

123 PACKAGE $1395

The 123 package is the most flexible package and offers maximum opportunity for cost savings. It contains everything necessary for ultrasonic leak and mechanical malfunction location.

112 PACKAGE $1275

The 112 package omits the ultrasonic noise generating
Son-Caster II-S. You would choose this package if you are looking for pressurized leaks or mechanical malfunctions, and would never need to find non-pressurized leaks such as those found in containers or vehicle windshields.


1. Son-Tector 110M. Leather-cased base tool hears the source of the problem. The loudspeaker is more convenient than headphones when background noise is not an issue. The loudspeaker is essential in industrial applications where personnel are not allowed to wear headphones for safety reasons. Hearing a leak or malfunction is easier and far superior to meter-only read-out. The meter is used when hard hats prohibit use of headphones and background noise prevents hearing the loudspeaker. Leather case has handy belt clip. Sturdy, lightweight, anodized aluminum chassis.

2. Hand probe. Microphone hears airborne ultrasonic sound generated by compressed air and gas leaks, vacuum leaks, and corona discharge. It is also used in conjunction with the ultrasonic noise generator Son-Caster II-S to locate pin hole leaks in seals, containers, vans, and tanks. Far faster and easier than soap bubbles.

3. Sound concentrator. Flexible, rubber funnel slips over the hand probe in order to sharply reduce the effect of ultrasonic noise originating away from the leak. The hand probe is used to locate the general area of the leak. Then, the sound concentrator is slipped over the probe to pinpoint the leak. The sensitive area is reduced to a circle of about 1/4 inch in diameter. The flexible rubber allows bending around pipes or into other difficult to reach locations. Unlike rigid sound concentrators which can make quite a racket when bumped, rubber is completely silent.

4. Contact probe. Metal rod hears mechanical malfunctions in steam traps and condensers, hydraulic valves, by-passing cylinders, bad bearings, and worn gears by touching the probe tip directly to the housing, pipe, or valve. Far more sensitive than a stethoscope.

5. Headphones. Essential accessory in noisy environments such as industrial and commercial settings. Headphones increase effective sensitivity by sharply reducing the intensity of outside interfering sounds.

6. Son-Caster II-S. Ultrasonic noise generator for locating non-pressure leaks. Place the Son-Caster inside the tank, vehicle body, trailer, or watertight compartment in order to fill the area with ultrasonic sound. Leaks will be found on the other side of the container using the Sontector. The generated sound will be heard through the leak point. Excellent way to test for vacuum seal and gasket leaks.

7. Squeeze bottle. Included with every Son-Tector 110M. Squeezing the bottle simulates a leak and is a quick, simple way to field test the unit for proper operation.

8. Carrying case. Lightweight, durable, dye-cut foam interior keeps and protects all components in one handy place.

9. Coil Cord. Connects Hand Probe, Contact Probe and Headphones to Son-Tector 110.

PoleMount10. Pole mounting amplifier. Used for semi-remote leak detection, such as overhead telephone cables, or where an operator must be completely isolated from a hazard, such as high voltage in the leak area. The receiver/amplifier is mounted on a swivel which will fit most poles or hot sticks. The transmitting probe is mounted on a clamp about 3 feet lower on the pole. The Son-Tector probe is mounted near the bottom of the pole to receive the ultrasonic transmissions for the conversion in the usual way.


Component   Price   123 package   112 package
        $1395   $1275
Son-Tector 110M   $780   X   X
Son-Caster II-S   $155   X  
Hand probe   $160   X   X
Sound concentrator   $50   X   X
Contact probe   $160   X   X
Coiled cord   $50   X   X
Headphones   $65   X   X
Carrying case with foam insert   $95   X   X
Squeeze bottle   free   X   X
Son-Tector 110M
with hand probe
Son-Tector 110M
with contact probe
Pole mounting amplifier   $375    
Extension cord for probes
(25 ft. minimum)


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