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Son-tector product description and photos



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SON-TECTOR and SON-CASTER are trade names of Ansonics, a division of Taos Techsonics, Inc.

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How it cuts costs

THE SONTECTOR CUTS COSTS and pays for itself time and time and time again.

  • Eliminate costly down time.
  • Perform maintenance on your schedule.
  • Eliminate crisis repair labor and parts costs.
  • Improve routine maintenance payroll costs. Find the trouble quickly. Avoid payroll involved in unnecessary disassembly for diagnostic reasons.
  • Prevent catastrophic failure. Fix the problem while it is small.
  • Prevent the hidden cost of leaks. Small leaks or noisy environments can mask energy costs. The following leaks can be detected at distances of 100 feet or more and are commonly overlooked in a noisy plant environment:
    Air 100 PSI 1/16″ hole $700/year (at .08KWH)
    Steam 100 PSI 1/16″ hole $1618/year (@$15 /1000 lbs.)
  • Save training payroll. IT IS SIMPLE TO USE THE SONTECTOR. The Sontector is easier to use, more accurate, and far more reliable than either soap bubbles or stethoscopes. There are no calibrations set. You could say it’s use is almost intuitive because leaks or malfunctions sound they way you would expect them to sound.

    Just pick up the Sontector. Start playing with it according to the directions supplied with the unit. Learn more in the operation manual

    Ultrasonic detectors are really very simple. They hear ultrasonic noises in the 35,000 to 45,000 cycles per second region. The unit is built to hear that specific range. Calibrating beyond this range is, in our opinion, a waste of money. Learn more about bells and whistles

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